Positioning for Sale

Whether you are a Member-Owned Private Club or an Individually-Owned Public Golf Course, there may come a time when a change in ownership is desired.  Just like selling your home, you need to know what a potential buyer is looking for in terms of facilities, amenities and financial performance.

Positioning your property to be attractive to potential buyers requires foresight, planning and a clear understanding of the current and projected market trends.  The Triumph team will partner with your senior leadership to identify and implement strategic practices designed to highlight your property's strength and potential for success.  Since acquisition pricing is traditionally valued based on a blended snapshot of the trailing 12 months and projected future Net Cash Flow, it is very important to have your club properly positioned for success prior to the formal sales process.  Excellent planning will produce results, and Triumph's team members are experts at navigating this process.  We will help you allocate resources and plan expenditures that will make your club more attractive to potential buyers.  Since the scope of this process will vary greatly from club to club, please contact us for more information on how we can help Position your club for sale.