Four Tier Consulting & Management

Designed for to-be-built golf, either as an amenity or an attraction, the 4-Tier initiative provides an A-Z scope of services for any conceptual-stage golf project. We become the developer/owner's right hand advisor and manager on all matters pertaining to creating and delivering championship caliber golf experiences.

We bring to your planned project our expertise in land planning, negotiating architect fees and expenses (we've worked with renowned architects like Nicklaus, Weiskopf, and Fazio), construction contracts, utility contracts, equipment acquisitions or leases, plus many more. Our team members have developed clubs from concept to reality both within the United States and internationally. In addition to our experience, Triumph Golf also brings its cadre of industry alliances to further benefit your project.

The four tiers or phases of service include
  • Initial Feasibility Assessment
    • In Phase One, Triumph supplies a variety of services which allows us to strategically evaluate your land plans, environmentals, golf course construction, planned programs and marketing information. We then prepare initial recommendations on how best to proceed in developing your project in your market. Triumph Golf continues to work with the Developer/Owner, fine tuning these recommendations to satisfaction.
  • Blue Print of Works
    • In Phase Two, Triumph takes the previously approved recommendations and provides a detailed Blue Print of Works. The Blue Print provides specific actions, costs, and timelines to achieve your desired results. Included are the final land plan, architect contracts, construction contracts, utility contracts, marketing plan, start-up budgets, grow-in budget and staffing plan, culminating in a Project Budget and Business Plan. Triumph Golf continues to work with the Developer/Owner through the approval and execution of all plans, contracts, and budgets.
  • Construction Management
    • In Phase Three, a Construction Management agreement is implemented, whereby Triumph Golf acts as the owner's representative and liaison with the contractors and secures the required contractor and technical service agreements necessary to fulfill all outlined works in the project budget. Triumph Golf supervises all contracted services to insure performance, both from the financial and quality standpoint, including on-site supervision and periodic reports to owners. If, at this stage, both parties are satisfied with the results, a long term Management Agreement can be executed as Phase Four.
  • Facility Operations Management
    • In Phase Four, Triumph places a Manager or Pro/ Manager (subject to staffing plan) on site as a Triumph Golf employee. This individual will be responsible for all facets of day-to-day operations within the approved annual Business Plan and Budget. An officer of Triumph Golf reports to the Owner, Developer, or Board of Directors of the club. The Board authorizes and approves the Annual Business Plan, the Capital Budget, and the Annual Operating Budget.