About Us

Setting innovative trends in the golf industry

In ancient Rome, the Triumph was the magnificent procession held to honor victorious generals. The Triumph was the greatest and most sought-after tribute among the nobility that built and governed the Roman Empire.

At Triumph Golf, we combine our years of experience with comprehensive market analyses, close relationships with industry experts, state of the art systems, and a database of innovative solutions to ensure that your country club, golf club or resort is the pride of your community and the envy of your competition!

Triumph Golf was born in response to the KSL Capital purchase of ClubCorp, in December, 2006. ClubCorp was the largest, most renowned owner and operator of private clubs in the world at that time. Concurrent with the KSL acquisition, a team of ClubCorp senior executives left ClubCorp and joined together to form Triumph Golf LLC. Prior to the acquisition, these same executives oversaw all of ClubCorp's development, operations, and marketing of its more than 100 private, daily fee golf, and international golf clubs. Through the entire gamut of club management positions, from management of single clubs to overseeing the entire collection of golf properties, the founders of Triumph Golf gained eighty-plus years of combined work experience and achieved a stellar track record of consistent success.